Friday, January 15, 2010

List of well-known scam sites

Many of the following sites are advertised all over warez and torrent sites, and that's how they get such a major flow of traffic and business. As a result, they are responsible for the most amount of fraud. I have grouped them according to the ones that I have good reason to believe are run by the same people. For all I know though, they might all be the product of one single company of criminals working together:

*If you have any other information, or know of other sites that belong on this list, please post a comment or email me directly at


  1. Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for setting up this page. I found it when I was doing some research into what I perceived to be some distinctly dodgy-looking search results when I was looking for information about some new movies. Thankfully I was never suckered into any of these scams myself - I'm sorry to read that you were - but I have noticed that the internet seems to be distinctly light on discussion about them, so I think what you're providing here is a tremendously useful source of information.

    I wanted to let you know that I've submitted a report about this class of scam to the web site, and included a link to your page by way of a full explanation of how they operate, in the hope that we might spark some additional publicity about it, and hopefully prevent other users from falling victim to them.

    Best wishes,


  2. Well researched and documented, not been fleeced and was unaware of the chargeback scheme. Perhaps if enough users signed up to the $4 membership then utilised the $15 chargeback fine we could put all these scam sites out of action overnight, time for some combined communty self regulation.


  3. Thank you for the very helpful article, Tyler. I was almost tempted to sign up, and then decided to google 'filefixation scam'. I'm glad I did! Sorry to hear that you were a victim, if only someone had taken the trouble to write something like you did and you might have been spared the anguish.

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  5. I wish I had read this before I too fell for their crap. Luckily though, the card I used was a gift debit card that had few dollars remaining. After I had registered, I felt like something was wrong. So I too did some research on them and came upon this. I went back and checked the account on my card and noticed that they had not yet charged me. I then called the card company and asked them to close the card due to fraud and they did right away. I was pleased and am being reimbursed for those few dollars.

  6. Hey Tyler, thanks a lot for these useful information. I also fell for one of those scams!!!!! I felt so stupid! As you suggested I called my bank straight away and will get my money back! pheeew...

  7. You're all VERY welcome. : ) I'm glad this blog is getting around - made it all worthwhile!

  8. tyler , thank you very much, I also fell in this scam.
    After reading your article, I call my bank to stop my credit right away.
    But bank tell me they will just turn this case to Payment dispute.
    And I must mail some evidence to bank, then they will send these evidence to MASTER or VISA.
    They will judge this case....

    So, what can I do ? Can I win?

  9. Tyler , thanks very much for your information. I have called my bank for a new card and i will comment on your complaint on this board. thanks a lot , please keep it up for more visibility

  10. Please add this one to your list , since i actualy saw the book on this site and after sign up, i got an account.

  11. I wonder what so precious things are there on internet which can't bought in a shop that people actually give(away} their credit-card details. Unless a website/company is popular world-wide(with clean record}, one should not part with important information. Some Tom .... n Harry trying to get your important details by itself should make you sit-up n see through the ploy. Tyler Thanks very much for the good job. Sorry for your loss but you gained a lot of virtue already. -Ravi

  12. Megaflix is another scam site that is linked to a few others. They charged me 4 euros for a 3 day trial but even though i cancelled immediatly as the download i requested was not available they actually charged me 68 euros. I have cancelled my card and if i dont receive therefund they have promised i will do a charge back. Martin

  13. Thank You very much,
    for these helpful information.
    Im very lucky to find your blog before i become claimant.
    You should put this adress to your list

  14. Hola Amigo, muchas gracias por tu informacion. Casi caigo en las garras de estos depredadores.


  15. Thanks for this! I smelled a rat and googled and found your page.

  16. Thanks allot, istead of weeping u actualy did somthing to help and in some way get revange. Thats a great attitude! Hopfuly u're an example for others!


    Thanks so much. I searched for "go f' yourself. dkc93j891" and they had plenty of these books to download.
    All the best,
    ---just another internet user

  18. Thank you for a very informative blog and also for making the information available in other locations. I found your post while searching at Norton Safe Web. You may have saved my computer! I have 3 more sites to add to add to your list.

    I was very recently offered a part time job looking for pirated copies of an author's books. While searching I set up google alerts and today there was a hit for one of my author's titles at a site I had never heard of. That site was Freshwap had a few comments at Norton Safe Web from community users saying that it was unsafe and redirced people to other usafe sites when they tried to download what was supposed to be the book.

    Freshwap provided 4 links to download the said book. The first two were to The third was and the last one was

    All but had poor community ratings at Norton Safe Web and several comments about being either money scam's or sites to pass on damaging viruses.

  19. Hi,

    Well done and thank you! Also, since you have done so much work already to create this blog why not expand it in the other direction with sites that actually deliver. Such information is not easy to come by.

    For a first recommendation as a general file sharing site I feel I get my money's worth at It is not perfect, it has plenty of spam but it also has quality downloads.

    Thanks again for the blog!

  20. Hi,

    Gr8 stuff I must say. I was just about to sign up with idownload unlimited...but I googled and am lucky to find this stuff...Its really tempting offer..Off!!! a close shave!! I am saved and sincerely think that this awareness should be spread to many more through mails...I will try from my side...Thanks for this blog.


  21. hey friend this site also fake site thanx and great work man good luck.

  22. the simplest thing to do is use billing like paypal google check out or money bookers so there is not any direct access to credit card or debit card details.

    Be advised, people are out there to make money and wana outsmart the LAW.


  23. Hi
    I've been scammed by , I'm very angry, but I've all the info on the lowlife behind the website:
    IP Address: (Prague)
    Scumbag name:MILOS KALETRA
    Scumbag address:Fast internet
    Fricova 1102
    263 01 Dobris
    Tel:+420 603 114414
    Someone should do something to the scammer.


  24. Hi.

    I've Been Nearly Scammed Out Those PIG Website, And I Was SO FRUSTRATED ON IT. Good Thing I Have NO Credit Cards I EVER Hold, And That Was My Lesson I Learn: Do NOT Be Get Fooled. :)

    Hope Those Scammers Out There Will Get KILLED!

  25. BTW, Thanks For This ULTRA-Information Of Scam Website. :)
    Good Day To You...