Friday, January 15, 2010

How these sites work

For starters, the reason these sites are so popular is because they prey on our greed, as the majority of the content they advertise is illegal in nature (i.e. movies, music, and software). So, along comes a newbie to the piracy scene who sees this site has pretty much everything s/he wants for a price that's too good to be true and he takes the bait. Almost without exception, these sites offer a "limited time" deep discount offer, which at first seems like an incredible deal (i.e. $4.87 instead of $39.87). More often than not, however, included in this is a mandatory sign-up for a "3 day trial membership" at a partner site, which is often porn. A lot of this happens behind the scenes, so you don't even know until you get your credit card bill (or until your wife is screaming to know why there's a charge to "FREEXXXPASSES.COM" - whichever comes first).

So what happens next?

Well, with your credit card details safely in their hands, you quickly start to realize that they DON'T actually have ANY of that amazing content they claimed to have. In fact, they have nothing at all - and you've just been SCAMMED!

Often what happens is they send you a login/password that doesn't work. So, you start digging around for answers on the site only to find that the support sections are always INSIDE the members area - an area you can't enter because you can't login! This evil - albeit ingenious - Catch-22 type of trick is intended to get you to forget the whole affair. After all, you only lost $4, right?! WRONG. You were actually charged anywhere from $40 to $100 USD, depending on the site you signed up for and how many extra option boxes you "forgot" to uncheck. Check your credit card statement, I couldn't believe my eyes.

If, in the odd chance you do get a login/password that actually works, you'll either be going in circles on their pages, directed to download legitimate programs like Limewire, or forced to download some program onto your computer that will just rape it with spyware and/or viruses.

Yep, no matter how you look at it, it's theft and fraud, pure and simple. Nevertheless, it makes them ridiculous sums of money. Looking at the web-ranking for some of these sites, you can see that some of them are way up there, meaning that they are likely getting TENS OF THOUSANDS of visitors per day! Now let's say that just 1000 of those sign up and the scammers manage to STEAL at least $60 from each person. Woah, that's some serious coin they've just made, all at our expense. They're sunbathing somewhere in the Bahamas on their private yachts, living the life, while we're fighting to get $60 back. Bullshit, if you ask me!


  1. THANK you so very much. Just the other day someone had written online that you should stick the word 'Scam' in front of any company you plan to buy from online, or otherwise.

    I saw the idownloadaccess site, and seriously considered it, not from greed, as much as wanting to cancel my $60. mo. dish TV, and just pay .99 a month to get the TV shows I can't currently get on the local channels. I didnt think I could really see first run movies free, and I don't buy much music, but just getting the TV programs seemed like a solution.

    Then I ran the 'scam' test, and wow.. what a newbie to this I am! Thank you again. I am going to be a lot more alert to everything I purchase now.

    and PS I used the Scam word on a hair car product, another hair do machine, a food processor, and each time I found better and cheaper solutions from buying. ALSO I learned buying from the TV phone number means you are stuck paying Guthy Renker, and not the product company, and are less able to cancel or get satisfaction. Real horror stories are out there!

    SO keep up your great work.

  2. Is Rapidshare real? Or it is also scam? Please e-mail me at

  3. RS is definitely real. They are an online file storage service and don't put up the links themselves - it's all the users who do. They also do not have a searchable database so it's up to the users to post links and what not. It's a great service for sure!

  4. too bad i was just being fooled by these websites. being played around the bush for searching the content i want after signing up at inowdownload for $30.. and they just request me to download some software that does not work at all!@#$%^&*!! searching all ways 2 get the content and found your blog...should have research about this first!

  5. you saved me from being scammed thanks for the post it was very helpful

  6. Hey thanks mate.. I was just gonna sign up with but on second thought bout checking out the site reviews.. and found your blog very helpful.. :)

  7. hey very very thanx man iam also going to sigup with and many other sites like i found your blog in complaints, which it displayed in google search.

  8. Thank you sooo much! I thought DownloadKeeper might be "too good to be true" and it was!

    SO happy to outwit the Russian gang dudes :P

    I entered: EffinScam - and it came back with exactly "what I wanted": EffinScam.serial, .keys, etc - LOL!!

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  10. Thanks for the article. 5 years ago, I came across Onestopdownloads and Idownloadaccess and I was THIS CLOSE into losing the money. You saved my life :D