Friday, January 15, 2010

Background Info

It seems that many file scam sites are run by an organized crime group operating out of Russia, which owns around 600 different sites: music/file download services, spy-ware scams (they infect your computer first, then get you to pay for cleanup), adult services, satellite TV fraud, and pay-per-view fraud. All have a similar theme: professional-looking and well designed to entice you, they promise everything you want, at an unbelievable price, blah blah blah and then fail to deliver any service upon sign-up.

Sound familiar???

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  1. lei tu articulo y yo soy uno de los timados por este tipo de fraude me gustaria contactarme con usted para que pueda ayudarme , mi tarjeta de credito ya lleva acumulado dos pagos en dolares que yo no he pagado aun ¿que puedo hacer?